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Acne can have a disabling effect on individuals that deal with this condition of the skin. There are many different grades of acne. The most common form is called acne vulgaris also commonly known as teenage acne. As hormones start changing this causes a stimulation of the sebaceous glands (oil), which produces an overabundance of sebum (oil). In turn we are shedding dead skin cells on a regular basis, but it is found in individuals with acne the dead skin cells build up inside the follicle at a faster rate of speed than they are shed and mix with sebum and white blood cells and become inflammatory or non-inflammatory lesions. A lot of times this is referred to as retention hyperkeratosis and is a hereditary condition. Acne can start at any age and occur through adulthood. The good news is acne is a very treatable condition, although it is not curable. Chemical Peels are a wonderful option for treating acne and acne scarring. They help to keep skin cells turning over at a regular rate of speed as well as helping to destroy the bacteria that causes acne. We also offer non- peeling facials for acne. For deeper acne scarring, once active acne lesions are under control, RF Micro-Needling is the best option.

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