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Radio Frequency Micro-Needling

Looking Younger Has Never Been Easier

Looking Younger Has Never Been Easier

Looking younger has never been easier. Now with newer technologies, called radio frequency micro-needling, you can erase years away, with very little downtime.

At Renew Aesthetics, our goal is to restore your skin to its natural beauty with the latest technology, you can erase years from your skin, reversing the effects of the previous injury.

If you would like to talk more about RF Micro-Needling, and whether it is the right treatment to restore your skin, please contact our office to set up your consultation.

Radio Frequency Micro-Needling Facts

Radio Frequency Micro-Needling is one of the best, non-surgical methods to reverse the signs of aging and revitalize your skin to a healthy glow. While there are many treatment options for Radio Frequency Micro-Needling, we choose a bipolar radio frequency machine, we chose this technology because there is little to no down time and the results are superior.
It is a cometic procedure that is a controlled injury to the skins dermal layer. It penetrates the skin with micro-channels, this stimulates collagen and elastin fibroblast to reverse and prevent many unwanted skin conditions. By having radio frequency in the same hand piece as the micro-needling the treatment result is greater than only using micro-needling. Radio Frequency is electromagnetic waves that go through a conversion to create heat. Radio Frequency heats up dermal layer of the skin and increases even more collagen and elastin fibroblasts, this improving the treatment outcome.

Radio Frequency Micro-needling can dramatically improve the tone and texture of your skin in as little as 3 – 6 treatments. In addition to being one of the best anti-wrinkle treatments around, it can:

– Repair sun-damaged skin
– Shrink the appearance of pores
– Fill in acne scarring
– Blend uneven pigmentation
– Minimize lines and wrinkles
– Tighten and tone the skin
– Minimize Stretch Marks

Radio Frequency Micro-Needling treatments are safe and effective, without the need for painful injections or costly surgery.

Radio Frequency Micro-Needling

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